Chamber Repertoire

Chamber Works:

* = world premiere
** = canadian premiere

With Accordion (M2)

*Ling, Adrian – Too Little, Too Late (Marimba, xylophone)
*McGraw, Patrick – Three Pieces for Accordion and Percussion (Marimba, vibraphone, xylophone with wood blocks)
*Sandoval, Alex – H20 (Vibraphone, wind chimes)
*Versluis, Tyler – 3 Unuttered Miracles (Vibraphone, crotales, and gongs)

With Flute

Hatzis, Christos – Arctic Dreams (Vibraphone and Tape)
Noda, Teryuki – Eclogue for flute and percussion (Multi-Percussion)
*Ritz, Liam – Observations of Dr. Mildred Parten (Marimba)
Tanabe, Tsuneya – Recollections of the Inland Sea (Marimba)

With Trumpet

Kraft, William – Encounters III (Multi-Percussion)

With Tuba

*Kuzmenko, Larysa – Dance Macabre (Marimba)

With Percussion (Number of Percussionists)

Deane, Christopher – Vespertine Formations (4)
Duggan, Mark – Malandragem (5), Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea (5)
Globokar, Vinko – Kvadrat for four percussionists (4)
Kondo, Jo – Volcano Mouth (3)
Løffler, Simon – C (3)
McGraw, Patrick – Jimi (4)
Muhly, Nico – Ta and Clap (4)
Reich, Steve – Six Marimbas (6), Drumming Part I (4), Nagoya Marimbas (2)
Trevino, Ivan – Catching Shadows (2)
**Trevors, Night – On the Construction of Memory (3 + Electronics)
Wood, James – Cloud Polyphonies (6 or 6 x 3)
Wyre, John – Marubatoo (5)
Yang, Xiaozhong – Cloud Cluster (5)
Zivkovic, Nebojsa – Trio Per Uno (3)

Mixed Chamber
Boulez, Pierre – Derives II for Ensemble
*Clark, Andrew – Three Meditations (Three sopranos, percussion)
Crumb, George – Madrigals Book II (Soprano, flute [alto, in c, and piccolo], percussion)
Globokar, Vinko – Terres brûlées, ensuite… (Percussion, piano, saxophone)
Gubaidalina, Sofia – In Erwatung (Percussion sextet, sax quartet)
*He, Kevin Zi-Xiao – Within a Glance (Clarinet [in A], flute, vibraphone)
Ho, Alice Ping-Yee – Evolving Elements for Marimba and String Quartet
Kondo, Jo – Winsen Dance Step (Flute, vibraphone, guitar)
*Lee, Angus Yi Wei – Firecircle (Flute + 3)
Leroux, Philippe – M (Two pianos, two percussion, electronics)
*McGraw, Patrick – Marimba Trio (Clarinet [Bb and Bass], flute [in c, piccolo], marimba)
Pintscher, Matthias – The Garden (Countertenor, piano, percussion)
Schleiermacher, Steffan – Eher was für Madonna & Janet & Björk als für Nicolaus & Helmut & Hans (Saxophone [alto, soprano], percussion, piano)
Qin, Wenchen – The Sun Shadow VIII (Piccolo, oboe, clarinet, percussion)
Zorn, John – The Tempest (Flute, clarinet, drumset)